Weibold’s team is attending the biennial Latin American Tire Recycling Conference in Mexico’s Queretaro, which will be hosted on November 13-14. To arrange a meeting, please send an inquiry to Manuel Etchegaray at or +52 1 33 1241 7819 (Whatsapp).

About the event

The conference will unite industry’s key figures and researchers in the field of end-of-life tire recycling and pyrolysis. This event is considered the most important for the tire recycling sector in the region, according to the Latin American Conference official website. The conference will be held as part of the larger XV Latin American Conference on Rubber Technology.

Attendees and speakers will gather at Hotel Mision Grand Juriquilla for productive sessions on tire recycling and auspicious networking. The presenters will address a range of issues including tire pyrolysis process and products, crumb rubber, economic aspects and logistics in tire recycling business and new legislations that will impact the industry.

Some of the conference’s speakers are Gabriel Leal – the general director of the Integrated Tire Management System SIGNUS (Spain), devulcanization and recovered carbon black expert Martin von Wolfersdorff (Germany) and other outstanding specialists who are ready to share their expertise with Latin American colleagues.

To learn more about the event, please visit the official website.