The US city of Memphis has started to implement Tire Redemption Program again aiming to reduce the number of illegally dumped waste tires.

Thanks to the initiative, the locals are now able to get $1 for a single tire collected and handed in. The maximum amount of tires which can be brought is 250 at a time.

Memphis collected tires on January 9-10 at Refurban – the commercial project creating unique partnerships to boost the city’s economy and handle recyclable waste products.

Vehicles loaded with scrap tires started to queue early morning to hand in old tires at Refurban on the first collection day. Only households could provide scrap tires; representative of the commercial sector were not allowed to take part. Refurban states that by implementing waste-redirection practices it helps to advance its Waste Redirection Initiative that provides jobs to former felons and troubled youth.

Press release by USA Today.