An online magazine Riviera Maya News reports that the Recyclable Materials Collection Centre of Cozumel, Mexico, transferred 28.5 tons of end-of-life tires to a tire recycling plant in Tabasco, Mexico. The Deputy Director of the tire recycling plant, Adeb Zapata Silva, reported that they loaded another truck heading to the Geocycle tire recycling plant where the end-of-life tires will be processed into alternative fuel.

“These items are collected as part of the Zero Tires, Isla Cozumel program,” he said adding that anyone can deposit end-of-life tires within the facilities of the Collection Center.

The Deputy Director of the tire recycling plant said that in 2020. 150 waste tons of tires were sent from the island to Geocycle’s Tabasco plant. The magazine reports that not only were they converted into useful raw materials, but as well prevented from becoming a source of contamination for the island.

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Original article by Riviera Maya News.