Smart tires are already a reality! What do they do exactly? Whatever the vehicle category, be it passenger car, trucks & buses, mining, or agricultural, Michelin is convinced of the added value connected tires can bring, by contributing to a sustainable mobility.

Michelin has crafted a complete connected technologies ecosystem that communicates with drivers and operators in real time, giving out precious information. The company is constantly researching and developing new features.

Thanks to its expertise and detailed knowledge of the life of the tire, Michelin has created Michelin Connected Technologies, a set of technologies around the tire.

This set of tire technologies helps to communicate information about the tire (pressure, wear, temperature, etc.) to private and professional customers to improve their safety and mobility experience, but also to reduce the environmental impact. By improving safety, optimizing operations through increased productivity and better cost control, and helping to preserve the environment, Michelin Connected Technologies reflects Michelin's "all-sustainable" ambitions, based on the search for a balance between human, economic and environmental issues.

In addition to private customers, it is mainly professional customers (hauliers, farmers, mines, quarries, etc.) who benefit from Michelin Connected Technologies, which will be progressively enriched with new functionalities, such as tyre load and tread wear levels.

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