ECO Green Equipment – one of the leading manufacturers of tire recycling equipment worldwide – recently announced that its new primary tire shredder Green Giant is currently available in stock for immediate purchase.

To request more information on the immediate purchase deal, please contact or visit the company’s website.

About Green Giant Tire Shredder

Green Giant is the flagship model of the supplier’s primary tire shredders.

According to the manufacturer, the two-shaft tire shredder has unique blade design and ultra-high performance. Two shafts with 384 hardened steel knives shred scrap car tires, truck tires, chopped and debeaded mining tires, semi-OTR and pieces of OTR tires swiftly and efficiently. Green Giant leads the competition in efficiency, maintenance costs, maintenance time and production capacity, ECO Green says.

Green Giant features a low-RPM and high-torque technology that efficiently shreds ELT into rubber chips of two to eight inches in size. These chips can be either used by various industries (e.g. as TDF or TDA) or further processed into crumb rubber or rubber powder to manufacture high-end products.

The shredder has unique triangular blades patented by Eco Green. According to the manufacturer, the blades live up to six times longer than traditional configurations of other major suppliers before sharpening is needed. According to Brad Swenson, managing partner at ECO Greet, this drastically reduces maintenance costs of the equipment.

Mr. Swenson claims that the primary challenge in tire recycling is the maintenance cost of processing equipment. Also, a choice of certain output size leads to certain parameters, such as the amount of processing time, wear, and energy consumption.

Speaking about OTR tires, Mr. Swenson says that Green Giant enables to recycle OTR tire shreds easier than most other shredders.

Shredder’s Specifications


Image: courtesy of ECO Green Equipment.

  • Input material: whole tires up to 1200 mm, chopped up debeaded mining tires, debeaded OTR tires, rough shreds;
  • Output material: rough shreds, chips down to 50 mm (with the addition of screening and recirculating equipment);
  • Production capacity: up to 30 t/h;
  • Power: standard is 150 kW (200 HP);
  • Weight: 24,000 kg;
  • Dimensions: 4,340 x 2,570 x 4,664 mm;
  • Number of shafts: 2;
  • Number of knife inserts: 384 (24 per blade);
  • Country of manufacture: United States of America.

Request for Proposal

To request more information on the immediate purchase deal, please contact or visit the company’s website.