In Canada, the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) is expected to replace the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) program that will stop operating as a scrap tire regulator in the end of 2018.

According to forecasts, the RPRA’s management will differ from the OTS program that had been in charge of millions of dollars – the substantial sums had been spent to cover tire disposal and tire recycling expenditures.

By December 31, the OTS’s wind-up plan will function to regulate processes involving tires; before the RPRA starts operating, collection and recycling of scrap tires will be managed in accordance with existing plan. Moreover, the direct responsibility for tire collection in Ontario will be granted to tire producers until RPRA is operational.

The compulsory registration for the parties involved in tire recycling and collection was open and free of charge till October 31, 2018.

By November 15, it is obligatory for producers or the Producers Responsibility Organisation to report the collection sites in their system.

Article by RPRA.