A construction work of the road using rubberized asphalt made out of scrap tires in the south of China’s Beijing is now underway. The development will see the biggest application of the scrap tire paving in Asian continent.

Wei Jianhuan, director of the infrastructure office of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area commented on the road construction saying that rubber asphalt roads on average show greater durability in comparison with conventional paving which requires repairs every 3 to 5 years. They also result in significant traffic noise reduction.

The application of the rubberized asphalt from scrap tires comes after almost 5 years ago a 600-meter long road in southern Beijing made with scrap tires was developed; this road is still used by motorists and still remains in great condition. After that, over 70 key roads in that area were developed with rubberized asphalt. To produce the asphalt, some 2.7 million scrap tires were used. This sustainable method both gives second life to scrap tires and improves the durability of roads.

Rubberized asphalt will also be used to pave the runway of the Beijing Daxing International Airport that will start operation next October.

Press release by Xinhua Net.