According to recent messages from SIGNUS – a Spanish end-of-life tire authority – when NEX Tires reach the end of their usable life, SIGNUS will take care of their further fate.

When the tires NEX sells reach the end of their useful lives, the tire distributor NEX Tires has partnered with SIGNUS Ecovalor to manage the environment.

In order to manage the replacement tires that its member companies place on the market, a non-profit organization called SIGNUS collects roughly 200,000 tons of tires from more than 25,000 workshops over the entire area of Spain each year.

In order to consolidate existing markets and create new opportunities for these materials in a variety of industries, including the automotive, construction, railroad, infrastructure, energy, and fashion sectors, SIGNUS is responsible for carrying out proper management and giving value to the materials obtained from recycling.

Due to the added value that SIGNUS provides through the various innovation and development projects that it has been implementing for years with visible results, carried out in cooperation with universities, laboratories, institutions, and companies from different sectors, it is a fantastic opportunity for companies that delegate their responsibility to SIGNUS to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.

Article by SIGNUS.