The port of Danish Nyborg will host a tire pyrolysis facility that will be able to produce over 9,000 tons of recovered carbon black annually through recycling of some 30,000 tons of scrap tires per year. This project is seen as a major step made to advance circular business model in Denmark. The ambitious plan is to be carried out by the Danish tire pyrolysis operator Elysium Nordic.

The development comes at a time when the EU countries collect 3 million waste tires every year, however, not all of these materials are handled using appropriate methods as one third is still incinerated as fuel and treated as waste instead of undergoing proper recycling and then upcycling.

A new Chairman of the Board at Elysium Nordic Michael Bjerregaard reacted to this issue saying that patented tire pyrolysis technology has the capacity to extract carbon black, metal and oil from tires. He paid special attention to carbon black noting that 70% of the raw material costs that are spent on a new tire unit production come with carbon black purchase. He also said that it was important to turn to recycling, thus, embracing the UN’s Sustainable Development goals.

Press release by Michael Bjerregaard, Elysium Nordic.