In April 2023, RPRA’s Registrar communicated that an inspection of the used tires collection systems found Tire Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) to be noncompliant with aspects of the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016 (RRCEA) and certain requirements outlined in Part III (Collection of tires) of the Tires Regulation related to the number of sites required and the operational requirements for collection sites.

At the time, four collection systems were operated by five PROs on behalf of their tire producer clients. As a result of the inspection findings, compliance orders were issued to all five PROs:

  • eTracks Tire Management Systems
  • Mobius PRO Services
  • Reclay PRO
  • Ryse Solutions Inc.
  • YESS Environmental Services & Solutions Inc.

To comply with the orders, RPRA required the tire PROs to use agreed-upon procedures to perform specific tests of their collection systems related to the number of community sites and operational requirements under the Tires Regulation and provide the results to RPRA. All five PROs have now complied with the orders.

The tire PROs’ responses to the orders indicated that the PROs are now operating two separate collection systems: one by Mobius and YESS, and another by eTracks, Reclay, and Ryse. The responses to the orders also showed that both systems continue to have gaps in their community site and operational requirements.

RPRA will not take any additional enforcement action until at least September 1, 2024, while PROs operating tire collection systems continue to engage with RPRA to bring their collection systems into compliance.

In the meantime, tire producers can rely on either of the following two collection systems jointly operated by PROs to satisfy the producer requirements under the RRCEA and the Tires Regulation:

  • Mobius and YESS Collection System
  • eTracks, Reclay and Ryse Collection System

Further updates on this matter will be communicated after September 1, 2024, if required.

More information about the Tires Program can be found on RPRA website.