50 million scrap tires are generated annually in the United Kingdom. The authorities are now looking for the ways to prevent the tires from ending up at landfills. Thus, their road surfacing potential is being actively studied.

Oxford County Council is seriously considering an option of applying crumb rubber rubber and rubber powder from tires to repair functioning asphalt surfaces. Earlier, the officials have conducted the Paco Patch trial for road repair that involved approximately 250 surfaces repaired in a sustainable way. Up until now, only two of all tested asphalt mixtures failed to meet expected outcome.

County Councilor Yvonne Constance, Cabinet Member for Environment commented on the trials saying that it was important to test innovative and unconventional solutions in “real-life situations”. She stressed that even the failed trials were significant, as they unearth the challenges, and this becomes a “valuable” experience. She went on to note that it was crucial to pay attention to the emerging problems and do not start heavily investing into any initiatives without the problems being fully addressed.

The UK is not the only developed country interested in the potential of tires in asphalt applications. Germany also conducted tests to study the properties of sustainably produced surfaces.

Article by Oxfordshire County Council.