Phoenix Innovation Technology, a leading devulcanization company based in Canada, has developed a system that effectively regenerates (devulcanizes) scrap rubber. The company reports that its thermokinetic process doesn’t require any chemical additives and only takes two people to operate – making it eco-effective, low cost and easy-to-use. The company’s facility, located 30 minutes north of Montréal, has the capacity to treat 3200 metric tons (7M lbs) of scrap rubber per year.

Video: Rubber regeneration system of Phoenix Innovation Technology. The system transforms end-of-life and residual rubber so it can be reintroduced into a rubber masterbatch to produce value-added products.

Phoenix Innovation Technology works with world class rubber labs and research institutions that have validated its Regenerated Rubber in several high-volume technical compounds. Validated tire compounds include: OTR, Agricultural and Semi Truck tire tread. Industrial rubber compounds have also been validated. These compounds include conveyor belts, anti-vibration engine mounts, and various EPDM compounds. Phoenix Innovation Technology highlights that Regenerated Rubber is high quality and delivers consistent performance that is optimized for the specific application. For compounders and manufacturers, using Regenerated Rubber is an opportunity to save on raw material costs and improve sustainability.

“The beauty of the technology is that it creates truly circular opportunities to recycle scrap rubber. There is no waste, 100% of the system’s feedstock is transformed into Regenerated Rubber that is reused in value-added rubber products “says President, Jean Prevost.

“In addition to supplying the market with our Mirabel facility, our technology is also available to organizations who wish to invest in a complete unit of their own. The system is modular and can be scaled up, or down, to meet the specific needs of partner organizations.”

To learn more about the company and its innovative technology, please visit Phoenix Innovation Technology’s website.