Tire recycling initiatives conducted by tire producers in Australia require assistance of the state officials, Pirelli Tyres Australia said noting further that law on tire imports should also be adopted.

Pirelli forms part of authoritative Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA), however, the company’s managing director Pierre-Olivier Chevalier stressed that “the Australian government could do a bit more” to help tire recycling.

He went on to note that tire imports legislation is required to reduce threats that road users face. According to Сhevalier, only new tires should be used for import. Prior to selling them, tires should undergo special testing that would establish their quality.

According to Pirelli Tyre CCO of north-east Asia and Pacific Dimitrios Papadakos, Pirelli’s manufacturing process takes into account environmental issues and has “almost zero impact”. He also stressed that the company had changed some compounds in order to cause less harm to the environment.

Papadakos also highlighted that finding markets is still a challenge that tire recycling faces.

Article by Parts Blog.