Pirelli introduces a distinctive logo identifying tires containing over 50% bio-based and recycled materials. Applied to the P Zero E line, boasting over 55% sustainable materials, the logo emphasizes Pirelli's environmental commitment. Third-party verification of eco-compatible materials will be standard for all future products featuring the logo. Pirelli aims for 60% bio-based and 12% recycled materials in selected lines by 2030.


Photo by Pirelli.

Giovanni Tronchetti Provera, Head of Sustainability and Future Mobility at Pirelli, said: “For several years, Pirelli has consistently reduced its environmental impact: a policy confirmed by all the main sustainability indices, which have recognised our commitment and transparency both in terms of results and ethos. For this reason, for example, we indicate the percentage of sustainable materials by saying ‘at least’ rather than ‘up to’. We will now continue down this road, which our car manufacturer partners also recognise and appreciate.”

The innovative materials include lignin, rice husk ash silica, circular carbon black, bio-circular polymers, natural rubber, bio-resins, and rayon.

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