The institute of Public Works Engineering Austalasia (IPWEA) holds a pitchinar “Crumb Rubber Asphalt: Performance Made Affordable For Council Roads” on Wednesday, October 20, at 10:15 am (Victoria time).

In its press release, IPWEA highlights that crumb rubber has long been the territory of state road authorities but a new specification allows an affordable version for the low traffic roads managed by councils. Traditional rubber asphalt in Australia has a high bitumen content making it more expensive than standard mixes & pushing rubber out of reach as a sustainable material.

A new mix uses a smaller amount of rubber but still aims to deliver better performance than other mixes used on low traffic roads. Reducing the rubber in the mix means more rubber can be used on more roads to deliver a bigger net sustainable benefit to the community.

To learn more information about the event, please see the flyer below and visit IPWEA's website.