Carbon Black is produced by burning fossil fuels, however the market has been changing as the rubber and plastics industries turn to tire pyrolysis as a source of recovered carbon black (rCB).

Smart Tire Recycling (STR), based in Pittsburgh, says that their innovative method yields recovered carbon black, which is equivalent to virgin carbon black used in tires.

Pyrolysis, which needs high temperatures to transform materials into liquid in the absence of oxygen, has been the primary technology for producing rCB until now. Despite a long history of research and development, meeting the criteria and needed properties for usage as a CB replacement has remained a challenge.

According to STR, their new green, patented technique resolves the deficiencies in prior pyrolysis initiatives, allowing for faster, continuous production and increased rCB yield. With production units across the country, the company aims to be the largest producer of rCB in the next five years.

This isn't the first time this allegation has been made in the recycling industry, and it won't be the last.

About Smart Tire Recycling in 60 seconds. | Video by Smart Tire Recycling.

Smart Tire Recycling is led by Mendel Bassman, a recycling industry veteran, who leads a team of engineers, chemists, and financial specialists.

Raymond Riek, a board member, worked for Monsanto Co. for more than 30 years, most recently as the director of the company's technology, rubber, and process chemicals division. Lacramioara Schulte, Ph.D. serves as the company's chief technical officer, began her career in the tire sector as a chemical engineer. Martin von Wolfersdorff, a pyrolysis expert who works as a consultant for the STR team, also supports the young company.

In its first crowdfunding campaign, Smart Tire Recycling has already raised over $750,000. The startup is currently doing a second crowdfunding campaign, which has so far raised over $280,000. There are up to seven investment tiers in the campaign, each with various degrees of incentives according on the quantity of the individual commitment.

To learn more about the company, proceed to the website of Smart Tire Recycling.

Article by Benzinga.