Episode 40 of the Tyre Recycling Podcast run by Ewan Scott – chief editor of Tyre and Rubber Recycling magazine – is continuing the topic of the EU's proposed ban on crumb rubber in synthetic turf fields. The guest of the Podcast is ETRA's, Dr. Ettore Musacchi. In this podcast, Dr. Ettore Musacchi tells about the proposed ban and what it means for the tyre recycling sector and the environment.

Ewan Scott interviews ETRA’s Dr. Ettore Musacchi. | Video by Tyre & Rubber Recycling magazine.


  • 00:00 – Introduction to Episode #40: ETRA’s Ettore Musacchi Concerned on CR Ban
  • 02:00 – Interview with Dr. Ettore Musacchi, the President of ETRA
  • 02:24 – Musacchi Gives His Opinion on the Potential Impact on the Tyre Recycling Sector
  • 04:07 – Musacchi Disappointed by Preclusion to Discuss and Resolve Crumb Rubber Issue
  • 07:48 – What Impact have Crumb Rubber Retention Investigations had on the Process?
  • 12:08 – Is the Wider Industry Suffering from a Lack of Lobbying?
  • 17:43 – Musacchi Discusses What will Happen to the Tyre Arisings that are Not Using for Crumb Rubber Production
  • 25:30 – Musacchi Hoping that Situation can be Resolved
  • 28:15 – Are Emotional Arguments Guiding the Process rather than Science-Based or Logic Driven Arguments?
  • 33:49 – Conclusion to Episode #40: ETRA‘s Ettore Musacchi Concerned on CR Ban

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