A Germany-based tire recycling corporation Pyrolyx A.G. appoints a new CEO Michael Triguboff who is replacing Bernhard Meder; Triguboff is one of the main investors in Pyrolyx A.G. who also used to serve as a member of the corporation’s supervisory board.

Commenting on the term of the new CEO, the company revealed that he will serve as a company’s head until Thomas Redd, CEO of Pyrolyx USA will be ready to be in charge of the corporation and will not be distracted by the development of the Indiana-based recovered carbon black facility, which is anticipated to begin functioning in June this year. The facility will be able to recycle more than 12,000 metric tons of scrap tires.

Pyrolyx is now undergoing a reformation; earlier, the corporation moved its headquarters to the United States from Germany and replaced its chief financial officer with Andy Stecher. And ex-CEO Bernhard Meder left his position late last year.

Press release by Pyrolyx.