Tire producer Continental A.G will start applying recovered carbon black (rCB) obtained via tire pyrolysis method and produced by German Pyrolyx A.G. after two companies have reached a five-year deal.

According to the contract, Pyrolyx will be supplying some 10,000 metric tons of rCB annually to Continental’s facilities in numerous countries. This will help Pyrolyx to increase its sales and grow in North America and eastern Europe as additional plants will be commissioned as part of the agreement.

By using rCB instead of conventional carbon black, rCB producer would contribute to significant CO2 emissions reduction, according to Continental and Pyrolyx.

Pyrolyx USA CEO Thomas Redd stressed that the joint agreement with Continental is beneficial to his company and signifies that recovered carbon black is accepted globally.

Continental emphasized that by teaming up with Pyrolyx, the company builds up its commitment to sustainability. At the same time, it expressed its commitment to innovation and safety of the brand’s tires.

Meanwhile, Pyrolyx stated that the purchase of J&R Used Tire Service Inc has been finally complete. And the agreement with Continental will result in scrap tires supplies to the newly owned facilities including tire recycling plant in Newport, Indiana.

Article by Pyrolyx.