Recovered carbon black producer Pyrolyx AG is ready to set a second pyrolysis facility which will be constructed in Terre Haute, US. This move comes after the company relocated its main office from German Munich to Terre Haute, Indiana.

One pyrolysis plant has already been built in the US by Pyrolyx; the company says that the next facility will be very similar to the US-based tire pyrolysis plant. The new facility is expected to be able to produce annually around 13,000 metric tons of recovered carbon black – this is the equivalent of 4 million tires recycled per annum.

The plant’s construction will commence in the third quarter of this year. The funding has been provided by Pyrolyx USA Inc. that granted it a $4.5 million loan. Moreover, Pyrolyx AG managed to raise $2.3 million from the sale of its equity capital.

The construction comes after Pyrolyx disclosed a 5-year deal with the tire producer Continental AG earlier this spring; according to the agreement, the company will be supplying as much as 15,000 tons of recovered carbon black annually.

Article by News & Tribune.