Pyrum receives official operating permit for the expansion of the main plant in Dillingen/Saar.

  • The necessary official approval has already been obtained three months before the official start of commissioning.
  • Important for future rollout: Pyrum series plants are approvable
  • Significant expansion of current capacities initiated via first joint ventures

Pyrum Innovations AG (Pyrum) has received the official state approval notice for the operation of production lines 2 and 3 at its main plant in Dillingen, Saarland. Already three months before the start of the official commissioning, all questions from the authorities could be clarified, so that the operating permit was granted. This is a major milestone for the company, as it means that Pyrum's series plants have been proven to be approvable. Consequently, no official restrictions are expected for future plants.

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG: “We are very pleased to have received the final operating permit so early. The approval is important for our ambitious rollout plans, as we also assume positive cooperation with the authorities for our future plants - for example, for our joint venture REVALIT in Straubing or the ten planned plants we want to build with UNITANK.”

Pyrum is currently expanding its industrial plant in Dillingen by two more production lines to a total of three pyrolysis reactors as well as the associated equipment, such as a shredder and a pelletising plant. The official approval now granted relates to the operation of the Pyrum pyrolysis plant with the two new reactors and a throughput of around two tonnes of end-of-life tyres (ELT) per hour, the storage of a further 160,000 litres of oil and 500 tonnes of ELT, as well as the operation of a further shredder plant with a capacity of up to six tonnes of tyres per hour. Despite general delivery problems, the construction of the pyrolysis plant is going according to plan and Pyrum has secured the timely delivery of the plant components thanks to the great efforts of the internal project coordinators. The loop checks, which include the testing of all installed cables and sensors and are usually the last steps in the construction process, are scheduled for December and commissioning will start immediately afterwards. The assembly of the new shredder plant will start in the next few days and will take about four to six weeks, so that it can be put into operation in November.

Only recently, a memorandum of understanding was concluded with UNITANK Betriebs- und Verwaltungs GmbH, an operator of tank terminals, for the joint construction and operation of up to ten pyrolysis plants in the EU by 2030. Each of the planned plants is to be equipped with at least three pyrolysis reactors and thus have a recycling capacity of around 20,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres per year. With a total investment volume of more than EUR 300 million, the plans represent a significant expansion of Pyrum Innovations AG's current capacities.

In addition, the preparatory work at the REVALIT joint venture is also progressing according to plan. Together with three partners, Pyrum is planning the construction and operation of a further 20,000 tonnes pyrolysis plant in Straubing (Bavaria), which will thus have the same processing capacity as the plant in Dillingen after completion. For this purpose, the company REVALIT GmbH was finally founded and a suitable site in the port of Straubing-Sand was contractually secured. In addition, REVALIT has made the first engineering down payment for the plant and work on the planning and approval of the plant has also begun.

About Pyrum Innovations AG

Pyrum Innovations AG (Pyrum) is active in the attractive recycling market for end-of-life tyres with its patented pyrolysis technology. Pyrum's pyrolysis process is energy self-sufficient and, according to the Fraunhofer Institute, saves significantly more CO2 emissions than today's standard recycling processes for end-of-life tyres - especially compared to incineration in cement plants - and produces new raw materials such as pyrolysis oil, gas and recovered carbon black from the waste used as input materials. In this way, Pyrum closes the recyclable material loop and pursues a completely sustainable business model. As a pioneer, Pyrum Innovations AG was the first company in the end-of-life tyre recycling sector to receive REACH registration from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the pyrolysis oil it produces. This means that the oil is recognised as an official raw material that can be used in production processes. In addition, Pyrum has received ISCC PLUS certification for the pyrolysis oil and the recovered carbon black. Both products are thus considered sustainable and renewable raw materials. These achievements have also been recognised by international experts in the tyre industry. For example, Pyrum won the Best Tyre Recycling Innovation category at the inaugural Recircle Awards and has been nominated for the “Grand Prix Mittelstand” (“Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”) from the German state of Saarland.

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