Pyrum Innovations AG (Pyrum), a pioneer in the sustainable recycling of end-of-life tyres (ELT) based on its patented pyrolysis technology, reports initial successes in the commissioning of the new reactor 2 (TAD 2) at its main plant in Dillingen/Saar. Since the start of the second test run on Tuesday, 30 January 2024, the throughput of the new reactor has already been gradually increased to 75% of the expected output for future series production within a week. This means that industrial quantities of ELT can already be processed in TAD 2 and Pyrum’s technology has provided proof of concept for the planned large-scale rollout. More than 30,000 litres of oil have already been produced and are now being sampled in the laboratory before being delivered to BASF within the next two weeks as planned.

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG: “We are all incredibly proud of this result. Thanks to the perfect preparation of our team, we have managed to bring the reactor to a stable throughput of 75% within a very short time — instead of within three months as planned. If there were any doubts about our technology, we can now dispel them: from a technical point of view, nothing stands in the way of our rollout. The technology worked straight away. And thanks to the loan from BASF, we have also overcome the biggest obstacles from a financial perspective.”

The plan is now to maintain the throughput in TAD 2 at 75% to 80% over the next few weeks and to optimise the processes between the individual parts of the plant. TAD 3 is also set to be ramped up to 80% by the end of March 2024, which means a tripling of the current production capacity.

Press release by Pyrum.