Swedish tire pyrolysis equipment manufacturer and tire recycler Scandinavian Enviro Systems has presented its new forecast for recovered carbon black (rCB) market which is expected to reach over $490 million by 2023. This can be explained by a projected demand growth for recovered carbon black and certified carbon black produced by Enviro; the materials are expected to see demand increase due to a deficit of virgin carbon black.

Meanwhile, the tire and rubber industries encounter certain difficulties regarding producer responsibility legislation and application of recycled and recovered products. According to Enviro’s CEO Thomas Sorensson, his company can provide solution to both of these challenges.

To develop sales of recovered carbon black, the company has set up three separate categories with first including active orders, second – orders that wait in line, and the third one listing production tests for customers.

According to Enviro, the company has active orders for its patented recovered carbon black. In addition, it provides chassis plugs, solid tires and rubber gaskets. Moreover, it now anticipates orders that will be placed by producers who show demand for rubber mats, rubber sheet, conveyor belts and minor accessories for cars.

Enviro’s CEO also stressed the importance of tests that are being conducted by his company, as he believes that they bring the enterprise a “step closer to a commercial deal.”

Article by Enviro.