Pyrolyx AG – an international tire pyrolysis operator – has now become an official supplier of recovered carbon black (rCB) of Continental AG as the two parties agreed to sign a 5-year contract ruling that about 15,000 metric tons of the product will be delivered every year. Nevertheless, Pyrolyx stated that the scope of the deal on the supplies might be increased if demand escalates.

The information regarding the value of the deal has not been disclosed by Continental. Once the agreement is signed, Pyrolyx will start in June supplying the company with the recycled product from its German-based facility and the US-based plant in Terre Haute.

Moreover, the deal urges Pyrolyx to develop a new plant in the Eastern Europe by the end of 2021. Pyrolyx CEO Michael Triguboff reminded that this is not the first deal of the company with Continental – it has been supplying Continental for the past 3 years.

In addition, the company’s top officials are hopeful that the new deal will allow to substantially cut the CO2 emissions.

Article by Pyrolyx.