From the very beginning of this year and up until now, RecyBEM has provided authorization to twenty scrap tire collectors in the Netherlands. Their certification will be valid for three years. To attain the certification, the colleting companies had to prove that they were meeting the standards demanded by RecyBEM and could control fire hazards – this is a must for all companies that consider pursuing the authorization in scrap tire collection.

Additionally, RecyBEM has supplementary demands that are obligatory to obey – they are connected to process management and fire safety.

The official name of the standard that the collectors have to meet is the NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2015.

RecyBEM’s mission is to secure responsible and careful scrap tire collection, tire recycling and overall control over scrap tire management. Independent bodies provide certification to new collectors who seek official recognition every three years.

Article by Kunststof Rubber.