Tyre Stewardship Australia – the end-of-life tire management authority designing programs and regulations for tire recycling and material recovery in the country – reports that “ReMade in Australia” was launched at the beginning of December in Australia. ReMade is an initiative by the Australian Government to help industry transform recycled waste into productive outcomes.

Tyre Stewardship Australia says it couldn’t be more supportive of the initiative as it believes that by turning waste products like end-of-life tires into a valuable commodity, will help drive a more circular economy, and create accountability across the tire value chain.

“With the waste export ban on whole and baled tires taking effect on 1st December 2021, it is now important more than ever to take ownership of our waste and find sustainable markets for end-of-life tires and tire derived products” – TSA says.

“With $8 million committed to date to study and develop innovations to manage the 56 million end of life passenger tires generated in Australia each year, let’s all work together to breathe new life into old things" – Trevor Evans, Federal Member for Brisbane, says.

“Through ReMade, the Australian Government is aiming at helping industry to transform recycled rubbish into all sorts of things that definitely aren't rubbish – like old plastic bottles into playgrounds, used tires into brand new roads and mobile phones back into cutting-edge electronics. ReMade is aiming to reduce total waste generated in Australia by 10% per person and achieve an 80% average recovery rate from all waste streams by 2030" – he adds.

“ReMade highlights that Australia is on track to invest over $800 million in new infrastructure to sort, process and remanufacture materials such as plastic, paper, tires and glass. We’re working with all states and territories and with industry to create 10,000 new jobs and divert 10 million tons of waste from going to landfill” – adds Trevor Evans.

To learn more about the initiative, visit “ReMade in Australia” at the Australian Government portal.