Robert Weibold, tire recycling and tire pyrolysis consultant, gives a presentation for a webinar organized by the International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers (IISRP). The webinar will be devoted to the topic of tire recycling and its relevance to the synthetic rubber industry and will be divided in two sessions held on Wednesday, June 24 – 9 am CEST (first session) and 4 pm CEST (second session).

Robert Weibold will inform members and guests of IISRP about the latest developments in tire recycling and tire pyrolysis and how these technologies can benefit the synthetic rubber industry, sustainability trends and concepts of circular economy. Moreover, Robert Weibold will highlight new opportunities for higher value applications, such as rubber devulcanization, molded products from recycled tire rubber, opportunities and limitations, etc.

All members of IISRP are welcome to join the webinar free of charge. The link for members is available on the home page of IISRP’s website in the “Events” section.

Non-member guests can join the webinar against a fee of USD 200. To join the webinar, please choose session one or session two or consider IISRP membership options.

About Robert Weibold

Robert Weibold is the founder and head of consulting company Weibold focused exclusively on scrap tire recycling and pyrolysis. Weibold operates worldwide and helps customers successfully build and upgrade tire recycling and pyrolysis businesses.

The company was founded in 1999. Over the years, Weibold gathered an international team of experts and established a large professional network involving researchers, decision makers and authorities. Today, Robert Weibold maintains liaison with numerous industry players, including world’s leading innovators. This enables Weibold to receive first-hand information about markets, new products and innovative technologies in the field of tire recycling and tire pyrolysis.

In addition, Weibold issues a comprehensive monthly newsletter on tire recycling and pyrolysis which relates to all aspects of these industries and provides unique takes on the newest developments and trends, such as: market updates, product and technology innovations, trade shows and conferences, environmental regulations, etc.