On November 28, 2019, Robert Weibold gave a speech at Rubcycle conference in Belgium, dedicated to issues of end-of-life tire recycling and pyrolysis. Rubcycle is an inspirational event on circular thinking, sustainable use of materials and field application of rubber crumb as a valuable material. As a part of the conference agenda, Robert Weibold was featured in an interview by Rubcycle where the expert expressed his opinion about current developments and challenges of tire recycling and pyrolysis industry in Europe.

About Rubcycle

Created to support circular economy technologies and promote use of end-of-life tire rubber, Rubcycle is organized and powered by Recyctyre, Belgian end-of-life tire management company. It was founded in 1998 by Belium’s six leading tire manufacturers and importers.

Rubcycle’s mission is to spread a word about the industrial opportunities offered by crumb rubber from the recycling of end-of-life tires as a valuable replacement for scarce basic raw materials. With this in mind, its organizer Recytyre in collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation established the GREEN.er fund which works towards diversification of outlets for raw materials resulting from the recycling of used tires in Belgium. Among other topics, Rubcycle considers projects run by GREEN.er.

The first speaker at Rubcycle, Olivier Duquesne, spoke about latest developments in new tire manufacturing. Mr. Duquesne serves as the President of the AJBA (Association of Belgian Auto-moto Journalists) and is an independent automotive journalist working for the Moniteur Automobile and Radio Antipode.

Robert Weibold, founder and head of tire recycling and pyrolysis consulting company Weibold, shed light on trends and challenges of the European tire recycling industry.

Other speakers will elaborated on the latest success stories, challenges and technical developments in various tire recycling projects taking place under the umbrella of GREEN.er fund. Among the speakers were: Dr. Eng. Elia Boonen (researcher at the Belgian Road Research Centre), Dr-HDR Fouad Laoutid (R&D Program Manager of the Polymeric & Composite laboratory of Materia Nova research Center), Johan Blom (doctor assistant at the University of Antwerp), Olivier Prud’homme (founder of RubberGreen), François Cornelis (former President of Petrofina and Vice-President of the executive committee of Total, in charge of Chemicals) and Frederic Deborsu (journalist and a moderator who will steer this Rubcycle in the right direction).

Presentations of speakers are available online free of charge at Rubcycles website.

To get in touch with Robert Weibold and inquire for the expert's assistance in building a profitable tire recycling or pyrolysis project, please send us an inquiry at sales@weibold.com.

To learn more about the event and follow the organization's activities, please visit Rubcycle's website.