On October 18, 2022 Robert Weibold speaks at BIR 2022 World Recycling Convention in Dubai. If you would like to meet with Robert Weibold, discuss business opportunities or request information on consulting services, please send your inquiry at sales@weibold.com.

BIR 2022 World Recycling Convention is a three-day gathering of internationally recognized experts in recycling and sustainability, held on October 16-18 in Dubai, UAE.

BIR's Tyre and Rubber Committee will hold speeches on October 18 and will focus on the status quo and outlook for end-of-life tires in the Gulf countries. The committee says tire recycling has become one of the most dynamic segments of the recycling industry, thanks in large part to a seismic shift in priorities from the economic to the ecological. Investors and corporations are taking a more active interest, not only because of steeply increasing demand among consumers for products made from sustainable raw materials but also because of the successful development of high-volume solutions for providing sustainably-produced raw materials.

Speakers at BIR's Tire Recycling Committee:

To learn more about the program at BIR 2022 World Recycling Convention, including round table sessions, please visit BIR's website.