The next BIR World Recycling Convention and Exhibition will take place from (26) 27 – 29 May 2024 in Copenhagen.

The recycling market has been rocked by the European Commission’s decision to ban crumb rubber infill from use in synthetic turf surfaces at the end of an eight-year transition period. Therefore, the focus has shifted to alternative opportunities, with tyre pyrolysis attracting plenty of headlines, investment and imaginative thinking. Given the huge strides forward taken in this field over recent years, it will again form one of the main topics for debate at the upcoming BIR Tyres & Rubber Committee meeting to take place in Copenhagen on Tuesday May 28.

To be co-moderated by Committee Chairman Max Craipeau of Hong Kong-based Greencore Resources Ltd and Robert Weibold, founder and Managing Director of tyre recycling and pyrolysis consultancy Robert Weibold GmbH of Austria, the session will be focusing on both pyrolysis and mechanical recycling applications.

Robert Weibold, a leading expert in tyre pyrolysis, will deliver a concise update on ongoing projects and market trends.

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Michael Christensen, Application Development Manager, Genan (DNK): As the head of new developments at Europe's largest tyre recycler, Mr Christensen will offer valuable insights into Genan's latest strategies.

Fredrik Ardefors, CEO, Swedish Tyre Recycling Association: Representing the association which is in charge of Sweden’s EPR scheme for tyres, Ardefors will discuss their innovative initiatives and their support for chemical recycling through Scandinavian Enviro's pyrolysis plant. Title of his presentation: “Creating value from end-of-life tyres - a market approach to tyre recycling”.

A panel discussion titled "Navigating tyre-derived Oil and rCB markets: opportunities and challenges in Europe" will feature industry experts exploring the market dynamics for tyre-derived oil (TDO), recycled carbon black (rCB), and related applications, regulations, and trends. The audience will also have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session.

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