Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) reports that more than 1240 end-of-life truck tires have been diverted from landfill, turned into crumb rubber, and used to repair roads across six Tasmanian municipalities in a partnership between Fulton Hogan and Tyre Stewardship Australia.

TSA says it is the first-time bitumen modified with end-of-life tire material – which included the equivalent of 40,000 beer bottles of recycled glass, as well as the end-of-life truck tires – has been used in Tasmania. The ground-breaking project paves the way for an expansion of crumb rubber products on roads across the island.

Photos by Tyre Stewardship Australia.

TSA says its team and the team of Fulton Hogan hope the project will spark wider interest from the local government sector and the Department of State Growth to justify longer term investments in Tasmanian supply chains – and ensure a sustainable option for local end-of-life tires.

To learn more, read the TSA’s case study document below:

Document by Tyre Stewardship Australia.

Press release by Tyre Stewardship Australia.