RubberGreen – a technology company developing solutions to upcycle rubber materials into final compound for high-end applications – announced the close of an additional €2.7 million equity financing. The financing round is co-led by TREЇS, and IMBC.

The company will use the funds to accelerate the commercial deployment of the patented technology RubberGreenCycle. This proprietary upcycling process is a disruptive solution for the safe reuse of industrial and postconsumer rubber waste.

Its innovative platform upcycles used rubber to manufacture insulation and anti-vibration solutions with high-tech properties for applications in railways, footwear, automotive, and construction & building industries.

The upcycled products are rubber compounds 100% made from devulcanized rubber waste and have technical properties equivalent to those of virgin rubber compounds.

This disruptive technology allows the upcycling of industrial and postconsumer rubber waste inro 100% recycled products, solving the environmental and technical challenges faced up until now by the rubber industry.

The Frameries headquarter, in Belgium, will be expanded with the creation of 40 new jobs, doubling the current headcount over the next 5 years.

François Cornelis, Chairman of the Board says:

“We think the shareholders for their support in this exciting phase of the development of the company. The scale-up of our operations will benefit from the commercialization of our new patented RubberGreenCycle products. This unique contribution to a circular economy is a subject of optimism and pride. The Board thanks the management for its commitment to the development of the company; this development will lean on international expansion and further concretization of proprietary technology.”

Press release by RubberGreen.