The Foundation of Environmental Management, the company in charge of an anti-dumping initiative in Russia, announced that the Russian Federation has commenced a plan aiming to liquidate illegal dumps of automobile tires in the country.

Nokian Tyres serves as an organizer of the plan that seeks to get rid of pollution that illegally dumped tires create. To remove the biggest unsanctioned tire dump, Nokian Eco Challenge will assist the operators of the project.

Once the tires are collected, they will undergo further recycling at special facilities where they will be transformed into valuable products such as crumb rubber that can be used as a key component in surfacing, roofing irrigation projects and other industrial applications.

Commenting on the news, the General Director of Nokian Tyres Russia Andrei Pantiukhov noted that Nokian Eco Challenge will do its best to ensure that the ecology is protected from dumped tires in Russia. He also stressed that it is impossible to get a flourishing future if the nature is not preserved and protected. Normally, end-of-life tires can rot for over hundred years. This process pollutes the soil and groundwater.

Prior to the news, earlier reports stated that from the very beginning of 2019, Russia’s state law will ban the burial of tires. Each year, Russia emits more than a million tons of scrap tires, and no more than 25 percent of them undergo recycling. Starting from 2011, The Foundation of Environmental Management has managed to process over 2.5 million tires after it launched free points where it receives tires from the people. At present, the group seeks to eliminate the landfills. The foundation encourages people to contact them when the public spots illegal tire dumps.

Article by Koz Week.