An end-of-life car and truck tire collection program was launched by Dmitrovsky Rubber Plant (Dmitrovsky Zavod RTI) in June 2020. The company rallied together with Dunlop Tire CIS to open joint tire collection points in Moscow and Tver regions. According to the company, its tire collection program was recognized as the most sound green project based on its environmental impact, and it was awarded by the prize “Change Management, Visionaries" in the category Environment & Business.

"Change Management, Visionaries” is the first Russian award aimed at assessing impact of sustainable and environment-friendly projects to the economy and society. The award was established by project +1 with the aim of finding and recognizing the best business solutions and programs focused on innovation, social and environmental transformation.

Company presentation of Dmitrovsky Rubber Plant | Video by Дмитровский завод РТИ.

The committee behind the awarding organization noted the contribution of the Dmitrovskiy Rubber Plant to preserving the environment by facilitating end-of-life tire recycling and eliminating end-of-life tire stockpiles in the country. In Russia, the collection of used and end-of-life tires in most regions is carried out exclusively on a paid basis, therefore, tires are often sent to landfills, incinerated or dumped in an open space. To combat this problem, Dmitrovskiy Rubber Plant has installed more than 250 storage containers for collecting waste tires from the private sector in the Russia’s Central Federal District and is gradually expanding the geographic scope of collection. End-of-life car and truck tires can be dropped off in the containers free of charge. Most of the containers are located at local gasoline stations, which makes collection more convenient for citizens.

“Almost every motorist in Russia is faced with the problem of recycling end-of-life tires. Unfortunately, in Russia the tire recycling is not a well-developed system, so many opt for leaving their end-of-life tires at a landfill or dumping tires in a forest, where they will decompose for many years, poisoning nature. We are glad that together with DUNLOP we can make a great contribution to the environment of Moscow and, Moscow region and Tver region. I am sure that our colleagues from other companies will not stand aside and join our project,” said Eduard Romanov, Deputy General Director of the Dmitrovsky RTI Plant.

Tire recycling facility at Dmitrovsky Rubber Plant. | Photos by Dmitrovsky Rubber Plant.

“We are happy that our company's contribution to the country’s environment has been recognized with such a prestigious award. It is important for us that end-of-life tires are properly disposed of and recycled into crumb rubber – a valuable commodity used in many industries. We strive to create a habit of proper waste disposal in our society and we want to at least partially solve the garbage problem in Russia and improve the quality of life in the country. This is exactly what our program is aimed at. Only through joint efforts can we make our world cleaner,” said Maria Sidorenko, director of commerce at Dmitrovsky Rubber Plant.

Press release by Dmitrovsky Rubber Plant.