Enviro's CEO Fredrik Emilson, chairman Alf Blomqvist, and board member Peter Möller were present as the construction of Enviro Systems' recycling plant in Uddevalla officially began today. Together with Uddevalla's municipal councilor Martin Pettersson and the property owner Fratera's CEO Peter Karlsson, they held a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony with the assistance of an excavator.


Alf Blomqvist, chairman Enviro, Peter Karlsson, CEO Fratera, Fredrik Emilson, CEO Enviro, Martin Pettersson, municipal councilor Uddevalla | Photo by Enviro.

Since Enviro, Antin Infrastructure Partners, and Michelin finalized the investment decision for the plant last week, construction of the recycling plant in Uddevalla has now begun in earnest. Representatives from Enviro, Uddevalla municipality's political leadership, the general contractor EBC, and Fratera gathered at the industrial site just outside Uddevalla on Tuesday afternoon. Together, they held a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony – this time, however, performed with the help of an excavator.

"It's fantastic that we're now underway with the construction of our first full-scale recycling plant. This plant is our flagship and the first in an extensive European initiative where, together with Antin, we aim to recycle 1 million metric tons of tires by 2030, a third of all end-of-life tires in Europe. We are, of course, very happy on a day like today," says Enviro's chairman Alf Blomqvist.

In the initial phase, the plant is expected to generate around 40 green industrial jobs for the region, but the environmental permit obtained allows for expansion, which could create additional job opportunities. From Enviro's perspective, the company's CEO emphasizes that it's been a good collaboration that has led to the construction now proceeding.

"Of course, many have contributed to getting us to this point, but the succesful cooperation with both the municipality, property owners, and general contractors has played a very significant role in us reaching all the way," says Enviro's CEO Fredrik Emilson.

The general contractor for the construction is EBC together with Fratera Fastigheter. The plant is expected to be fully operational by 2025.

Press release by Enviro.