Waverly Carbon (UK) is seeking high quality pyrolysis char (raw rCB) as the business looks to ramp up capacity to meet demand. Demand for finished rCB is growing across rubber, plastics and inks and coatings, and Waverly Carbon is keen to bring on new suppliers to increase output. It is essential that suppliers meet its specification requirements for clean and consistent pyrolysis char. Material must be low volatile, steel free and with stable ash content. Waverly Carbon is willing to provide offtake agreements for 100-200 tonnes per month. Detailed specification can be shared on request.

Waverly Carbon can also provide toll processing milling and pelletising capacity for pyrolysis operators who do not have access to their own post pyrolysis processing equipment, but who are keen to sell their rCB into the market.

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Waverly Carbon Ltd
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United Kingdom
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Robert Weibold
Robert Weibold GmbH
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