Robert Weibold GmbH is an independent consulting firm with 22+ years of experience in the tire recycling and pyrolysis sector. We provide pre- and post-investment consultancy services to companies planning, upgrading, and expanding their tire recycling and pyrolysis businesses.

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On behalf of our Client, we seek partners to establish end-of-life tire pyrolysis facilities in Europe. Our Client has more than a decade of commercially successful experience in the end-of-life tire pyrolysis industry. In addition, the Client will contribute its extensive knowledge of the ELT pyrolysis process and its products, as well as its knowledge of the international market.

The Client is open to any form of partnership with:

  • Existing ELT pyrolysis operators who wish to sell their business, incl. licenses and permits, or
  • Entities seeking to replace or expand their existing ELT pyrolysis facility, or
  • Companies in the planning phase, or
  • Entities seeking partnerships or equity, or
  • Entities willing to take up the responsibility for site procurement, necessary licenses & permits, construction, commissioning and operation of the plant, or
  • Also open to other partnership terms.

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