The U.S. authorities have endorsed ShreddedTire’s plans for the construction of garden terrace rooftop and special blocks made from recycled end-of-life tires, the company reported during the International Roofing Expo last month.

ShredderTire claims that its rooftop assembly and blocks that are produced under the label Echo-System significantly alter the industry as they can substitute lumber blocking. The company says that their products, Echo Blocks, are more environment-friendly as they rely on recycled scrap tires.

Video from ShreddedTire's Vimeo channel.

The products made from recycled tires compete with wood and can be installed much faster and easier, according to ShreddedTire.

The company conducted tests that revealed that their roof blocks can’t be damaged by hurricanes and strong winds.

ShreddedTire also managed to reach an agreement with ABC Supply Company. According to the deal, the recycler now can be a supplier of roofing projects that take place throughout the United States.

Contractors and roofers are encouraged to visit the company’s official website where they can see ShreddedTire's products and evaluate how much trees they could save if they opt for the recycled rubber roofing provided by ShreddedTire.

In a separate video below, the company elaborates on how it uses modern tire recycling techniques to recover precious rubber materials from end-of-life tires.

Video from ShreddedTire's Vimeo channel.

To learn more about the company's activities, visit ShredderTire's website or Vimeo channel. Also, ShreddedTire is now taking orders through nationwide distribution deal with ABC Supply.

Press release by ShredderTire.