Signus Ecovalor engages in eco-friendly tire recycling by converting ELT textile fibers (sub-product from the ELT grinding process) into PET fibers with the aim of being introduced again into the value chain.

Yet, efficiency faces challenges when contaminants like rubber are present. Pure PET textiles achieve an 85% efficiency, while contaminated tire textiles reach only 20-30%.

We Seek Your Expertise

So far, mechanical recycling technologies focus on cleaning the rubber fraction to remove contaminants such as textile fiber and steel. Now, Signus is actively in search of advanced textile cleaning technologies to obtain the cleanest possible textil fraction. We invite enterprises with experience in this field to collaborate with us and provide valuable feedback.

About Signus Ecovalor

Signus Ecovalor, founded in 2005, is a non-profit Spanish organization created by leading tire manufacturers to promote sustainable tire recycling and help tire producers meet their ELT management obligations.

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