SLTC – The Latin American Society of Rubber Technology (The Sociedad Latinoamericana de Tecnología del Caucho) – recently proudly announced the launch of their new Recycling Committee. SLTC highlighted its organizational scheme and general objectives, which we describe below.

According to the SLTC, the Recycling Committee was born out of the need to find a place where all stakeholders related to tire recycling in Latin America can actively interact to enrich and develop the industry.

The current committee, despite being in charge of a specific subject, has a variety of domains inside it and this was the reason which justified creation of subcommittees to adequately serve each of the SLTC’s domains. The Recycling Committee’s director, Emanuel Bertalot, will be in charge of coordinating the work of all the members of the Recycling Committee.

SLTC says that there are seven subcommittees that will be inaugurated during 2020–2021:

  1. Tire retreading
  2. Rubberized asphalt
  3. Tire pyrolysis
  4. End-of-life tire management systems
  5. Co-processing
  6. Legislation
  7. Research and development

Speaking about committee objectives, SLTC highlighted that the committee’s team will aim at promoting activities related to tire recycling, such as new projects, media materials, training, conferences and workshops, among others.

In the future SLTC plans to publish more information about each of the subcommittees: their objectives, new members and, in the future, their progress.

To learn more about the Recycling Committee of SLTC, please contact Emanuel Bertalot, Director of the Committee at or visit SLTC’s website.

Original press release by SLTC.