South Carolina state agencies started last week the waste management campaign fighting unsanctioned tire dumping in the Palmetto State. The move was made at the Scrap Tire Recycling Conference in Greenville.

The authoritative bodies South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, the Department of Natural Resources and waste managing organization PalmettoPride are behind the scrap tire project named "See It, Report It". The initiative appeals to locals and encourages them to anonymously notify special services via the Litter Buster Hotline whenever they spot illegal tire dumps. Once the call is received, the state agencies can take action aimed at waste tire reduction.

According to the state officials, unsanctioned tire disposal takes place throughout South Carolina; SC-DEHC data shows that over 4 million of scrap tires are generated by residents annually. The body also states that over 12,500 tires are generated on a daily basis.

PalmettoPride Executive Director Sarah Lyles commented on the 'See It, Report It' campaign saying that the project was seeking improved scrap tires management. Lyles also noted that it was important to change behaviors so the public stops to illegally dump tires. To achieve that, the organizers will raise awareness of the issue as part of the initiative.

Proper tire disposal enables stakeholders to use this type of waste in gravel production and drainage applications, according to the campaign’s organizers. They also stressed that recycled scrap tires are valuable elements in rubberized playground surfaces developments and landscaping projects.

Article by Modern Tire Dealer.