LD Carbon, a waste treatment and raw material recycling company from South Korea, announced on August 16th that it had succeeded in attracting 15 million USD of “Series A” investment.

In this “Series A” of LD Carbon, Value System Asset Management participated as an anchor investor, and four investment institutions, including Korea Investment & Securities Co., Pentastone Investment & Elohim Partners, participated.

An investment industry official said, “LD Carbon is an eco-friendly carbon black company that is attracting attention enough that IBK Securities published a detailed corporate analysis report for the first time among unlisted companies. We decided to invest with confidence in the future vision of LD Carbon, which has grown rapidly based on the technology to produce carbon dioxide.”

LD Carbon is an eco-friendly material industry company that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and uses crude oil resources for a sustainable future, and manufactures recycled resource materials to solve environmental problems generated from various wastes. We are supplying GCB (Green Carbon Black), an eco-friendly carbon black (rCB) made using waste tires that have been pyrolyzed, refined, and processed, to domestic and foreign tire and rubber manufacturers.

Last year, LD Carbon was selected as one of the “2021 Green New Deal 100 Promising Companies” awarded to promising SMEs with green technology by the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups last year. has been obtained.

The “Series A” investment raised by LD Carbon will be used to build pyrolysis, crushing, and recovered carbon black (rCB) facilities worth more than 25 Million USD on domestic licensed sites. The new facility is expected to start construction in the third quarter of this year and be completed in the first half of next year.

“We will develop new products through continuous investment to increase sales to global tire makers,” said Bum Seek Kim, director of sales at LD Carbon.

Meanwhile, LD Carbon plans to launch a new product with improved quality and performance compared to the existing rCB within next year, develop better quality products through continuous research, and establish a business model that uses various waste materials as raw materials in addition to waste tires.

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