TNU (Tratamiento Neumáticos Usados) – a Spanish EPR agency for end-of-life tires – reports it will be present in the new edition of Ecofira with its traveling exhibition on tire recycling “Recicla y Sonríe" ("Recycle and Smile"). The exhibition addresses the social, economic and environmental importance of the treatment and recycling of end-of-life tires. Used tires collected annually by TNU are claimed to 100% recycled. When recycled, the components of end-of-life tires: rubber, steel and textile fiber, become materials and energy resources. Currently, the depletion of natural raw materials and fossil fuels is forcing industries to seek more sustainable solutions, and in this sense, the recycling of end-of-life tires has significant advantages in environmental and economic terms. There are numerous ways of recovering its components in innovative uses: playgrounds, footwear, artificial turf, athletics tracks, hoses, soles, roads and guardrails are some of its possible end products.

Through recycling, TNU contributes to preserving the environment, saving energy, optimizing resources and promoting a circular economy model that is good society and nature, a mission in which TNU participates, with its daily activity and also raising awareness , raising awareness and educating society in the culture of recycling with various communication actions, such as the "Recycle and Smile" exhibition, which has already been visited by many people on its tour throughout Spain.

Article by TNU.