On September 22, the Switzerland-based Tyre Recycling Solutions S.A. (TRS) and Reciclado de Neumáticos de Castilla y León S.L. (RENECAL) held an official ceremony celebrating the signature of their partnership and collaboration Agreement. Renecal’s management was represented by Juan Blanco (co-owner), Luis Angel Fernández (plant manager) and Aitor del Cerro (commercial manager). The ceremony took place at TRS Engineering and Production center in Yvonand, Switzerland. According to the Agreement, RENECAL will produce and distribute under license from its factory based at Guardo (Palencia), and with end-of-life tires generated in Spain, the Engineered Crumb Rubber (ECR) TyreXol™ MMA specifically designed for use into asphalt mixtures.

TRS reports that the RENECAL partnership, more and better options to use rubber into asphalt mixtures are now available to public administrations, road owners, asphalt mix companies, sustainability, circular economy, recycling and project engineering offices in Spain. This will allow them to design and build more sustainable pavements, and with longer useful life, TRS press release says.

This is great news for the European tire recycling market and for green procurement policies; two leading companies are joining forces to promote more sustainability and a circular economy in road construction, at a time where traditional output markets for recycled rubber products are coming under pressure.

About Engineered Crumb Rubber TyreXol™

ECR is an Engineered Crumb Rubber additive for rubberized asphalt process developed by TRS. Dry process rubber modification of asphalt allows to produce cost-effective rubber-modified mixes that perform under a wide range of harsh climate & road use conditions. ECR has been developed by Asphalt Plus LLC and has been used extensively in paving projects over the past two decades. In 2020, TRS signed a Joint Development Agreement with Asphalt Plus with the aim to promote the ECR technology outside North America. To read more about ECR and other products by TRS, please proceed to the company’s website.

Media post by TRS.