TNU (Tratamiento Neumáticos Usados) – a Spanish EPR agency for end-of-life tires – collaborated with more than 100 volunteers in cleaning of an old iron mine in the Sierra de Enmedio area (Murcia) from March 10 to 12.

The activity was organized by the Resaltes de Murcia Caving Club and the Almendricos Cultural Association (Acual), in collaboration with the Lorca City Council, Norauto, TNU and the Murcia Region Caving Federation.

This mine had been used during the last decades as a garbage dump and hundreds of used tires had been thrown into it, causing a serious environmental problem. Through a large human chain formed by the participants, around 400 tires were collected, filling a 32-cubic-meter container.

These abandoned tires will be transferred to end-of-use tire treatment and recovery plants for correct recycling. The recycling of end-of-life tires is very important to preserve the environment and promote a circular economy model, since their materials (rubber, textile fiber and steel) can be fully used, minimizing waste and promoting energy savings and raw material. Both in granulated and powdered form, recycled rubber is used in various sectors, becoming a secondary raw material of great value.

This cleaning collaboration is the second to be carried out in the Almendricos caves. Last year, the same organizers carried out the cleaning of another nearby mine in which 3,500 kilos of scrap of all kinds (greenhouse seedlings, plastic bags, metal cans, etc.) were removed.