GRI Specialty Tires recently announced that its new tire model “Ultimate Green XT” became “one of the most environmentally friendly solid tires in the world.” The manufacturer says the new product is a premium-plus solid tire that goes beyond the norm to provide the ultimate in performance, sustainability, and efficiency. Powerful and robust, this tire epitomizes GRI's advanced engineering, research, development and manufacturing capabilities.

The company said the tire contains 42.8% sustainable materials, which include bio-sourced and recycled materials. The tire is built with natural rubber silica, recovered carbon black and reclaimed rubber from end-of-life tires.


GRI's Ultimate Green XT utilizing recovered carbon black and reclaimed rubber. | Read more at GRI's website.

The manufacturer says that the Ultimate Green XT is:

  • A tire containing bio-sourced and recycled materials.
  • A tire providing 20.4% lower rolling resistance and therefore higher energy saving.
  • A tire that has 26.1% higher endurance and therefore lower heat build-up.
  • A tire with 26.6% lower abrasion loss and therefore higher lifetime.

To read more about the innovation, proceed to GRI Specialty Tires.