The Pride of Asia Series Awards 2018 recognized Kalhari Enterprises together with the company’s Chairman Kaushal Rajapaksa putting them in the top list with the most outstanding Asia’s companies during Asia’s Greatest Brands and Leaders 2018, an event that recently took place in Singapore.

This comes shortly after Kalhari’s victory at the Gold Award for recycled products last year. The company has been receiving prestigious awards for over a decade and has ascended to become a leader in the recycled plastics segment exporting plastics to numerous states internationally, the press release of the company stated. In addition, one of the main products of exports are recycled tires and processed rubber waste.

Moreover, previously, Rajapaksa received the Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Award, as well as Merit Award from the Plastic and Rubber Institute of Sri Lanka. Rajapaksa’s company has also had a recognized influence on waste rubber and plastic management advancement and control of contamination in Sri Lanka.

Rajapaksa noted that raising awareness of rubber disposal and recycling in Sri Lanka was extremely important adding that recycling should be the manufacturers’ responsibility. This could become possible due to implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems.

According to the company’s chairman, tire retreading sector creates huge amounts of tire waste and this material is one of the firm’s dominant products for exports as it can be successfully recycled to produce crumb rubber infill for sport fields, tire-derived oil, molded products for flooring, insulation panels and even shoe soles.

Apart from tire recycling and rubber waste control, Kalhari is planning to expand environment-friendly production.

Article by Sunday Times.