Calls to cancel operators’ fees at the biggest end of life tire yard in the southern hemisphere are being dismissed by Lily D’Ambrosio – Environment Minister of Victoria state in Australia.

About two years ago notorious Stawell’s huge tire pile obtained a new owner. At the time, new ownership was backed by promises of a world-leading industrial complex to recycle the huge pile of tires which is considered a profound fire hazard. Notwithstanding, Used Tire Recycling Corporation (UTRC) has to wind back their activities and lay off its employees.

Joel Knobs – head of operations – asserts that government imposed unconscionable fees for tire recyclers and yard’s operators which even include $150,000 to revegetate adjacent areas. He blames government for imposing exaggerated fees which hamper companies from doing business. He adds:

“The issue is not paying fees, it’s the principle behind it [and] we’ve had enough.”

The tire dump has been at the center of dispute for several years. Moreover, the tire yard bears a vast potential for an enormous fire. Businesses are convinced that government departments should support them in their struggle to clean up the place and make it safe. UTRC spent some $2 million at the site and made a headway in the stand-off with the government. In contrast, Victorian authorities claim UTRC shouldn’t have interfered and disregarded regulations and laws in relation to businesses.

In turn, Ms D’Ambrosio said:

“It is out of the power of government to cancel regulatory requirements to purchase offsets for clearing of native vegetation. We simply demand regulations and laws of Victoria to be complied with.”

Article by ABC News.