SUMO Innovations – a European company specialized in chemical modification of rubber powder for industrial applications – forecasts record-high sales for the end of 2019.

According to the company’s recent statement, SUMO Innovations has replaced more than 1000 tons of SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) in polymer-modified-bitumen roofing membranes in Europe. SUMO says that this allowed roofing membrane manufacturers to significantly reduce raw material costs and further demonstrate their commitment to environment-friendly products and green production processes. SUMO can replace 25% of SBS in membranes keeping same performance. The company pinpoints that, in parallel with benefits such as cost reduction and quality enhancement, SUMO products help manufacturers significantly cut CO2 emissions.

Other branches of the company keep expanding, too. For example, the company reports that SUMO M+ partially replacing SBS in rubber-modified bitumen compounds gradually receives more attention from large road construction contractors. Reportedly, this is due to SUMO’s beneficial properties, namely eliminating the commonly known settling behavior of rubber powder, which increases bitumen quality and drops costs borne by contractors.

A young European company, SUMO Innovations has developed a range of products based on custom-made chemical formulations which enable to enhance compatibility and performance of rubber powder in different applications. Among the major applications are: SBS-modified bitumen for waterproof roofing membranes and rubberized asphalt compounds, and rubberized coatings. Apart from the three major fields, SUMO also designs products and chemical formulations for other specialty applications on demand to enhance performance of rubber powder in line with strict project requirements.

According to SUMO’s team, the company is actively developing new markets and applications worldwide. Middle Eastern rubberized asphalt applications serve as a good example of SUMO’s hard work.

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