The International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus standard has been applied at a Tokai Carbon CB facility in Borger, Texas. The ISCC Plus standard will enable the company to certify carbon blacks as sustainable if they have been produced from a circular or bio-based feedstock.

The ISCC Plus standard uses a mass balance approach to allow enterprises that use circular or bio-based feedstocks to certify their products up to the amount of these feedstocks. To make the certified sustainable carbon blacks, Tokai Carbon CB is currently using a circular tire pyrolysis oil from a circular solutions provider that has also been awarded the ISCC Plus certification.

The company will add cogeneration to its Addis, Louisiana, facility in 2022, in addition to offering sustainable carbon blacks. By utilizing cogeneration capabilities, the site will be able to produce 10MWh of electricity, displacing CO2 that would have otherwise been emitted by burning harmful and polluting fossil fuels. With other company facilities in Big Spring and Borger in Texas already producing 15MWh and 25MWh of electricity respectively through cogeneration, Tokai Carbon CB can displace more than 230,000 tons of CO2 per year.

“This will allow Tokai Carbon CB to continue to be a global leader in sustainability, which is a corporate Tokai Carbon priority,” said Bill Jones, the president of Tokai Carbon CB. “Tokai Carbon CB has already achieved a gold rating on the Ecovadis sustainability scorecard and will now be the first carbon black company to offer a certified sustainable carbon black in North America.”

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